Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Battle Plan

While I have been posting individual shots of the winter American force, I have not had the chance to post any group or army shots.

As I have mentioned in precious posts, winter basing is not something that I have had a chance to do for my own armies.  This will be rectified with FOUR winter armies... US, German, Soviet and even Hungarian.

The Hellcat is actually from Trenchworx, and here's a link to some live facebook sessions showing how that was painted:

I also have some links to articles on how the infantry was done.  This army was also very unique in that it was the first where I used oils for the entire process!  Here's a link to an article:

I had so much fun painting them with oils, as well as creating the urban theme bases for the first time.  I also have links to a series of articles:

I will have many more articles and facebook live sessions on painting figures with oils, basing, etc., once Gencon and Nova Open have been complete.  Stay tuned!