Friday, November 15, 2013

Strength in numbers

Here are some squad shots for you!

The individual shots are nice to see as I work through a unit, but these group images are the most satisfying, for obvious reasons.

They don't show all the details as the individual shots, but it creates the context of the unit so much better!

Also, you get a much better sense of how much hard work you put into it! :-)

I am going to take some more 'action' shots of these guys with the Dark Eldar, I think!

The view from above, which shows you how nicely those DragonForge bases work with these guys.

So, one more batch down!

Please don't squeeze the Shaman

Yeah, I have used that line a million times!  Sorry.  Heck, there are probably way more people who don't get that reference than those who do.  Ouch.

Here's another figure using the dark flesh tone techniques that I used for the video.

This time around, I did some white designs for more fun!