Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FANtastic... finding one more Ilyad figure

I know I have said this at least 3 times before... that I have uncovered the last Ilyad figure in my archive.  Well, somehow I managed to discover one more!

This is one more fun figure from one of my favorite miniature lines.  As always, I lament their demise.

I also liked this color scheme.  Green and purple combos show up quite a bit on my minis. :-)

The clean details in both sculpting and casting really help a painter out!  Seeing this gal reminds me of the Raging Heroes figures I have been painting...

Deepest Africa... more Fenryll minis

We continue with the Fenryll miniatures I dug up from the archives the other day.  The colors on these are pretty good examples of what I want to do with the "How to" painting video on this flesh tone.

  I have been prepping a few Reaper minis for this particular video.

When doing a darker color such as this, you have lots of opportunities to work warm and cool shades withing the flesh tone.  Basically, you are concentrating warmer colors where you would have more blood flow close to the surface.

Also, the surrounding colors will have a significant impact on the choices for your flesh tones.  In this image, you can see that I was trying to have the warmer browns contrast with the greenish troll head.

I've got a few more of these to go yet!  Putting the white war paint on them also helps to provide a measuring stick to the color temperatures of the flesh tones, as it is either neutral or slightly cooler.

Never operate without a safety net

Here is one of the items that is supposed to keep the little gangs of girls alive a little longer... hopefully. Pretty much every rule change in 6th edition is designed to make Dark Eldar die easier, but maybe this would help.

In confined spaces, the shardnet can at least prevent a few more attacks.  That is, if it can stay alive with all the overwatch shots, etc.  Between that and all the other grenades I gave them, I am hoping they can still do something in a game.

I have learned that they are mostly useless against space marines, but that is just about every unit.  If Feel no pain had stayed the same, the DE would have a shot, but not any more.  Going up against stuff with low saves helps them a lot, but I doubt there will be many low save armies at Adepticon.

Anyway, work continues!