Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When does a house become a home?

When it has that 'lived in' look.

I have been painting many of the terrain pieces from Terrain Week for the packaging artwork, etc.

Just in case anyone was freaking out about seeing only pink, white and light brown :-)  I was thinking of putting a series of images in a slide show form, or something like that, just in case people wanted a reference.

Obviously, many of us have already painted terrain pieces like this before!  It is pretty straightforward.

Using that craft paint is the biggest key, since it flows so well over very absorbent surfaces, such as the balsa wood roof!  It also covers the pink foam well, like the chimney.

Nothing like a Fantasy setting or even D & D with a set if building like this!  

Once the original set of videos are done, sent, etc.  I want to expand on them.  I want to make Inns, Blacksmith shops, and so on.

I hope you have fun with yours!!

No mailbox, though...

Ultraforge Pleasure Demon

Another challenging video.  This time, it was trying to match the Mantis warriors from Raging Heroes to a much larger Demon from Ultraforge.

I got the idea to do this one from my own dilemmas of how do you transfer a color scheme to different minis from the same army... especially when they are radically different in size and shape, such as these.

Yup, still glazing away!

Another sketch exercise as a handy guide...

More and more shading...

It always looks so different after that glazing and shading stage.


More spots!

Almost there!  These larger figures have been very different from the 'standard' minis of the earlier videos, with the camera set at different angels, no magnifier, and so on.