Friday, June 28, 2013

The Red Sea. Celebrate!

OK!  Time for some more freehand.

This figure is from CoolMiniorNot.  It made a great choice for the freehand cloak video.

The text on the cloak roughly translates to "Honor the Painting Pyramid".

Had some fun with the shield as well!!

Time to celebrate!!

The Red Sea never parted!

Walter the Penniless...

That reference will probably not matter much to anyone who has not played Age of the Renaissance.  :-)

This is Walter, the companion of the Konigsmark Sisters from Raging heroes.

You saw Charlie, companion to the Kurganova Sisters.  This one certainly has a different feel to it!

The Raging Heroes campaign is headed towards the final stretch drive.  Here are some of the recent unlocked figures and freebies.

How about these snipers!

These would offer some fantastic basing and painting opportunities.

This image was posted earlier in the week to show a sample render compared to the concept art.

This is the newest stretch goal.  Someone has forgotten to take their vitamins...

I believe this was the miniature I wanted to use for my Commander Chenkov.  Who wouldn't want to recycle 20 conscripts over and over again?

This makes a rather fearsome Inquisitor!