Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Green Tide

Well, a while back, there was another quick painting session on the American troops from the starter box.  Most of the Germans were essentially painted, and we needed to get caught up on the green guys!

This was going to be the typical Western Front uniform, with a color scheme we had established earlier.

It was very simple, with a grayed down light green for the coats, and a mid tone blue green for the pants and helmets.

Some basic colors applied on coats, helmets, spats and pants

With a quick skin tone applied, it was time to get into the shaded basecoat phase in earnest.

It's very different to be working on this many tiny figures all at once... you really have to adjust to it!

The darker glazing will be done with a combination of Reaper liner paints, some Vallejo shade colors, and Secret Weapon washes.

More light colors added to the coats...

A view with glazes applied.

The next batch gets more details...

This was just a few hours, and it was wild to see them go from green primer to this in such a short period!

A comparison to a primed figure :-)

The reward is seeing them out in the field... deep in terrain!!!

Pirates from Minx!

Here's another fun miniature from Minx Studios!  A pirate lady with a hand companion.

It was cast in resin, and was easy to put together.

Go check out the kickstarter from Minx Studios!  It's under way right now!!