Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Age of Iron

Here's some paint on the latest steampunk style bases.

These were made by pressing sculpey into Happy Seppuku moulds, and by adding some sprues and plastic gears.

Normally I make the conduits the same color as the metal plates, but I wanted to try something a little bit different this time.

This was a fun set, and there are many more to come.  Those will be incorporating the leftover pieces from Burn In Designs kits.

The plastic gears are a fun element, and they look really interesting with a miniature on the base.  It gives you eye something to compare the figure with in terms of scale.

These bases were designed for miniatures with larger footprints.  That seems to be the case with a lot of the Z-Brush engineered miniatures.

I might still go back into these with some weathering powders, but that will wait until the weather would allow me to dullcoate those!

Stay tuned for many more of the Age of Iron bases!!!

From the Red Box...

Now that I have had a chance to shoot some photos of the Red Box Games marauders, I have been able to get some images ready for blog posts!

There are a few different poses in the group, including these archers.

Many more on the way!