Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fear the Forest

Here we have the second Treekin from Raging Heroes, with foliage added!

Each time I see these, I realize how much the foliage adds, even though it is not incredibly elaborate.  I had some model train foliage that would have also looked very nice, but that is very fragile, and actually meant for more static pieces of terrain.

This foliage (which I purchased at Hangar 18 miniatures) is very resilient and tough.  It will move when you touch it, but not break.  Better yet, I can even pull away some individual leaves and glue them to the base as fallen leaves!

I also painted the leaves for the first time on these figures, as I was combining different colors on the same figure.  I wanted to see if I could make them transition more smoothly from one to the next, and that seemed to work quite well!

Stay tuned for the last member of the Treekin family!!

Wings of Angels

This Seraphim is a combination of a traditional GW Sister of Battle with new wings added... taken from an Archangel from the Urban Mammoth line.

Since I had a number of Archangel figures in the army already, I thought this would be a nice tie in to the few original GW versions that I was using!

Once more, it was a chance to play around with lots of subtle color transitions.  There are a number of warmer green/cooler green areas, and the same for the gold/brass.  At one point  I was mixing a very dark Reaper Green Liner paint with a cool off white.

I also have some much more saturated and yellow sections in the metals, but I made sure to try to provide hints of green here and there.

I enjoy these wings because they are a much larger canvas... I can do more freehand, weathering effects and so on with these than the original configuration.

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