Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Rolling out the Tundra

After several articles on both the mat and how these terrain pieces were made, I just had to see what they would all look like together!

Obviously I will be making many more pieces, not just of these types, but frozen rivers, hills, and iced over ponds.

Here's a link to the kind of mat I'm using:

As you can see, I was able to mimic the printed pattern of the battle mat (from TableWar), which has been the point of all my terrain building.  While it would have been OK to have terrain pieces completely covered in snow, those would have been better on the Alpine mat, which is covered in a similar manner.

If you look through the previous tutorial posts, you will notice how I tried to plan every layer of my terrain pieces in advance, down to the color and coarseness of the flock.

The larger clumps of flock not only matched the greenish tones of this mat, but it made it very easy to brush my snow mix right onto the applied flock to make that scattered snow pattern.

When it comes time to film battle reports on this mat, I will be using some snowflake Christmas decoration to make additional ground cover snow.  This will help to mesh the terrain elements and mat even better, and provide an extra level of detail for up close shots.

Just imagine trails being left by the treads of the tanks in the 'snow'... should be quite a sight!

By the way, I will also be doing plenty of tutorials on painting these winter vehicles... you can see how I winterized this T-34/85 on a Facebook Live:

The last article that I created showing how these were done was posted here:

This one shows how I made the bigger pieces:

More tutorial articles are coming... and I think I might even have enough equipment to start doing video terrain tutorials!  Stay tuned...

If you would like to see even more terrain posts, and the battle reports that are under way, you can support me on my patreon page here.  Now that the first sample reports are up, I will start doing Patron Only battles and campaigns.

As you can see, these will cover every theatre and era of the war: