Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Urban Combat

Among the many Bolt Action armies that are under way, the Winter Soviets have offered me a fun new basing opportunity, and that is winter urban basing!  I did a bit of this with the winter American army, and I will post a link to that how to post later in this article.

I had a few new supplies on hand this time around, and I had learned some new and improved ways to make the sculpey bricks that were also used in that first round.

The larger bases such as the anti tank rifles were a lot of fun, and I tried to make some scattered floorboards, and an indication that the bricks were piled up for cover and as a stand for those very long guns!

The accompanying team members also got a similar basing treatment.  Here's a link to the original basing article:

There were a significant number of kneeling poses in this winter set, which made me feel like I had to do some small broken wall corners!  Some of these were made with sheets of sculpey pressed in Happy Seppuku moulds or with Green Stuff World texture rollers.

I also made some brick by brick using those new kind of sculpey bricks that I mentioned earlier.

The same bricks are scattered here on these bases. along with more pieces of baked sculpey that have the cobblestone texture.

Some of these simpler bases will have a bit more snow on them.

After a few sprays of Stynlrez primer, you can see how all those materials tie in together!

Here's an image with some of those textured sculpey sheets.

I will be doing more fun things with basing on the Patreon Page this month, so be sure to check that out.  I am hoping to offer some basing kits to subscribers...