Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Not the end of the line...

Yes, there is n o end in sight to the amazing kits that come from the ingenious mind of Lathan!

This kit is a fantastic caboose, which fits in well with either the Battle Train or the civilian version.

There's plenty of spaces to stand on this.  In fact, you could easily have some fantastic multiple layered close combats, given the ladders and all the various levels to stand on.

Each portico is carefully measured to not only fit the miniature, but also to ensure that you can get you hand in there as well!

As you can also see, there are now tracks for the Burn In Designs trains!  I love the end of the line barrier!

I foresee a lot of fantastic battles taking place around this and the other train cars.

Stay tuned!!!

The magic carpet ride

Another member of the Wayward Eight joins the club!  This is Sierra Icarus.

I did some different things with the color scheme from the previous couple of figures.  I also carried some of the decorative patterns out from the corners of the skirts to cover the whole surface.

I also could not resist printing out a few rug designs and seeing which ones might work.  There were a lot of great designs, but in the end, I went with the most subdued pattern.  It also matched many of the colors on the figure itself.

Green will be a recurring thing throughout my Wayward Eight, with brown as the complimentary color.  It has a bit to do with the "Green Coats" storyline that I am working on. :-)