Friday, June 24, 2016

The Dark Nation

The Dark Nation of Wild West Exodus continues to grow, starting with this collection of massive critters!!

In the images, you see the great Wendigo Heavy Support, Avanco, and Big Horn.

Just like their Warrior Nation cousins, the Dark Nation have characters and heavy support that are creature based... but they are warped and twisted by the dreaded RJ-1027 energy source.

The Warrior Nation has shunned RJ-1027 as the weapon of the Enemy, but those in the Dark Nation believe that it frees them to be their true spirit animals... such as Walks Looking.

Soon I will have some contrasting images with the Warrior Nation, which will show the contrast even more starkly.

After painting all the blue Spirit Energy glow on their rivals, painting the Dark Nation in their sickly brown tones with the red glow of RJ-1027 has been fascinating.

It is these muted reddish and grayish browns that have allowed me to show a little more contrast than otherwise possible with a 'warm' orange on 'warm' browns.

The contrast with the Warrior Nation should be interesting, especially since all of the creatures were done in black fur and feathers, along with the blue glow!  Stay tuned!