Sunday, May 11, 2014

The mean streets get meaner

Disco Stu has found himself another lady!  She's packin' some serious heat as well!

She can take on a whole crow of brain eaters with no problem at all!

Walkers? Runners?  They are all toast!

Never fear, Sally is here!

Bring it, bugger!

Disco Stu and Da Preacha Man gonna lend a hand...

An 'old' glory

I discovered this figure buried deep in a batch of figures from our days playing D & D.  I believe this is from Old Glory miniatures.  I spent a few minutes updating the paint job on this guy.

I was bummed that I forgot to snap a few pictures before I started working on it.  The biggest change was in the rendering of the blood.  Since I did this piece, I developed many new techniques for that effect!

I also did more variations in the green flesh tones, and added more interest in the darks.

To top it off, I also used a few grass clumps that I didn't have back in the day.

He is also here: