Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's old can be new

This was a very interesting project... taking an ancient Ral Partha figure and giving it the "new figure" treatment.  

I used the new style foliage to create overgrown effect on a fun little sculpey vignette.

I can remember years ago trying to sculpt something similar to this with unbaked sculpey... not thinking that it would be a million times easier to do so once it was baked. :-)

The last time I was painting figures such as these, the technique was radically different.  It was more along the lines of the standard "GW" approach.  Painting this one in the manner which I do now was quite an interesting experience.

An exercise like this seemed even more useful, since I have had so many examples of the very latest in sculpting and manufacturing coming through here!!

Yes indeed... sometimes what is old can be new!

Bark 'n Branch... with paint!

A few days ago I posted some images of these bases showing all the bark, oxide paste and gravel.

While I will wait to apply the various foliage types after the miniatures are added, it seemed to be a good idea to take some images first!

I really enjoy playing the greens and tans against each other, with hints of sienna in between.

Here we have the largest and smallest base once again side by side...

Picking out various details in the bark texture and even the bits of tree branch can be somewhat hypnotic.

Soon these bases will have their foliage... oh, and minis too. :-)  Stay tuned!!!