Friday, March 18, 2016

Feel the Pain

Here are some new pictures of the old Chronos Pain Engine.  It was a major testing ground for new materials and techniques.

Blood effects, combining the fluorescent paints with realistic water and the freehand pattern were all on the menu with this guy!

I really had no idea what to expect when I did that combination.  Ultimately I was very happy with the results.  There is no type of color that does this high chroma look except for the fluorescents!

These views show off the freehand carapice pattern as well as the mosaic on the base.

I only wish that he would have done as well in the games as he did with all the experiments!

Dark Whispers

New from the Unfinished Business kickstarter, we have the new female Dark Council figure.  She will be offering some very sweet suggestions to many factions, I think. :-)

Of course, I could not resist putting the same kind of spacescape on the robe as I did with the previous Dark Council figures!

I stuck with the same skin colors and glowing red eyes as well.

This puts me at three Dark Council members.  It would be a very different kind of faction to have that many all at once, especially since they have to be activated first, before any non Dark Council.

However, it can get a little tiresome to be out influenced on a regular basis, given the way the initiative roll works now.

So, much more to come... be sure to stay tuned!