Saturday, July 22, 2017

Holding the Line

As some of you already know, I love the figures created by RN Estudios for their Blood Bowl teams, along with a variety of other fantasy figures.

The casts are always very clean and solid, just like this Lizardman figure.

The vast majority of the figures are one piece, and mould lines are minimal.  They are also very easy to prime.  Badger Airbrush Stynlrez primer is outstanding for this purpose.

The base is relatively simple, in keeping with the swamp bases of the rest of the team.  I used some Secret Weapon Miniatures Realistic Water mixed with a touch of greenish brown paint.  A few layers of this combination helped to achieve a 'depth' to the water.

The sharp and precise details not only look great, but they make painting these so much easier!  It allows me to do all kinds of fun glazing techniques, utilizing the details of the figure.

When working on 'fuzzier' casts and sculpts, things get more protracted since I actually have to paint in all those details myself.  

Check out this team and so many other wonderful figures on their site: