Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Eye that Never Sleeps

It's been a while since you've seen a Mierce miniature, so here you go!

As I have mentioned many times with the Red Box Games, Warmmachine and even these Mierce miniatures, they are all part of one vast project.  This means that colors must be unified across all these figure lines, which has been a significant challenge.

It's not just the snow bases... it involves all the armor, the cloaks, and even straps and shields!

Stay tuned for much more!

Breed Standard

This was an ancient figure that was languishing in obscurity for well over ten years.  I knew that I wanted to put some kind of banner on it, but I was saving it for a Slaine campaign, and I wanted to make sure I put the right design on it.

The banner itself if a piece heavy paper that was soaked in elmer's glue and water.  This would make it flexible enough to 'pose', but make it stiff enough once it dried to paint in place.

I checked out some designs with a quick google search, and modified a few images that I discovered.

I added some crushed glass, and even a few icicles with the Liquitex Gel Medium.  That works incredibly well for such an effect.  Much to my surprise!