Friday, July 5, 2013

Time for some camo!

Well, we are finally back!  I have been unpacking for a while.

Here are some images of the finished bases that were made while I was up north.  These will have more of a desert camouflage look...

I will be using some weathering powders on these to enhance the effect!

I will be showing you the painted versions of these as soon as I can!

Lots of fun.  Love painting these base projects. :-)

And then something new... those jungle bases!

A box arrived while we were away.  It has something very interesting inside.  Till tomorrow!!!!

Hiding in plain sight

So, with the final minis in hand at last, I needed to make some bases for the camouflage miniatures!

If you remember the post of Cathy's base, the plan was to use smaller versions of the bricks to make some desert walls...

After each brick is weathered, it is glued in place...

The levels are built up one by one...

The snipers were going to be more in a jungle setting, which would require something a little different.

I brought out some larger 'filler' ricks that I had picked up walking by a construction site.  I had never gotten a chance to use these on small bases before.

I had to position them a few times to be sure they would fit together.  The original plan was to make sandbags, but I thought this might work a bit better.

More rocks on the other side of the base...

As the glue was drying, I worked some more on the desert bases.

More bricks and more heavy duty road construction cork :-)

Add some fine gravel and Secret Weapon skulls...

Here is why I used rocks on these bases.  I wanted to sculpt some fern leaves, and it seemed to make more sense that they would grow over a natural rock formation.

More green stuff ferns, and another base made with the left over sculpey pieces from the earlier bases.  Never toss anything away!

The bases are just about complete.