Monday, November 12, 2012

Having a blast with basing... part ONE

It has become necessary for me to create some 80 mm inserts for the base sets that I did for CoolMiniorNot a while back.  That's over a dozen types of bases, but let's begin with this one.  Since these are meant to be cast, I need to work a bit differently, avoiding undercuts and open 'holes', where mould material could work through.
I set up as many of the materials and tools as I thought I might need...

What I am trying to replicate is the existing 50 mm base from the set (the grey piece in the upper left).  I didn't have any thick pieces of baked sculpey, so I glued a few thin layers together.  I am using the white variety, which is the easiest to carve.

I start carving out my 'blast' patterns, this time using a 'v' shaped wood carving tool.  You could use a variety of other tools as well.

This view really shows what it looks like.  You can see the spider web like cracks...

Now I have to build up the 'tech' part of the base.  I create an edge using some polystyrene tubing... in this case square!

Once the edge is set, I get my plastic deck plating.   It is traced out, and cut to shape.

Deck plating in place!

I add a few bits of polystyrene tubing to simulate conduits, etc...

The rest of the process will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!

To the beat of a different drummer... more Forgeworld Empire

Here is part two of the Forgeworld command staff.  The banner/icon bearer is next!

Another Incubus conversion...

Here's one last Incubus conversion using a Raging Heroes bit!  I will be doing the rest with all GW pieces and plasticard.