Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jungle Wars

This particular skink marked an interesting point in my painting years ago.  As a whole, the Lizardman army was the laboratory where the Shaded Basecoat technique was first created.  I had to paint hundreds of these skinks, and a faster method had to be discovered.

One of the hidden results of this development was my work in the mid tone areas.  Once the original lighter colors of the shaded basecoat are in place, darker glazing and tinting is added.

This created an unexpected, but ideal, environment for adding really interesting lighter tones on figures like this guy.

While most of the colors are warm greens and tans, you can see that some blue-green colors have also been added.

Instead of trying to mix this into endless layers of paint (working dark to light), I could now work from the middle out.  This means that interesting 'opposing' colors can be blended into the existing darks.  The majority of the shading is in place, so that meant I could focus on putting that lighter greenish blue around the warmer greens to add more shape and detail.