Friday, June 13, 2014

Spitting fire in the desert

Another plane for you!  This time, one version of the Spitfire.

With the future emphasis on the North African campaigns, I thought I would try out some desert camo (Rich has the more traditional green covered already).

This is also a very fun pattern, with lots of neat colors.

Some comparisons with the P38 Lightning.

More to come!

I was working from a number of photos, including this:

Rolling along with the Krios

Work has continued on the Mechanicum Krios tank.  One of the reasons I wanted to take all these WIP images was to illustrate how the Shaded Basecoat  works for much more complicated things like this tank.  Lots of pieces, lots of color changes.

You have seen a number of WIP images with the Shaded Basecoat on these bits.  Now it was time for some glazing.

Glazing on the main hull and cockpit as well!

Remember, the whole idea behind this technique is to start lighter... work even lighter, and do much of the work with glazes that shade and tint those colors.

Take a look at this piece now, and check it out a few images later.

On this interior piece, I tried to make sure that some of the shading would be tinted more towards the red.

And now for that piece again.  I mixed a blue gray with the glaze colors, and worked the middle tones back towards a blue gray.  I just felt like I wanted more color variety there, despite the fact that it will be mostly hidden!

Same deal here... mixing the lighter colors with the glazes, creating that semi-transparent color that works nicely for making lighter colors that blend easily.

I have been waiting to use the fluorescent paints in the cockpit!

I also went back into these sections with that same semi-transparent middle to light color...

I was not looking forward to the treads.  However, the Shaded Basecoat technique would be just as important here!

I have to consider the eventual weathering techniques that will be used here.  Plus, lots of glazes will be used to get more depth of shading and colors in the darks.

I have to plan out which planes are going to catch light from above, and which ones are going to reflect the 'ground'.

Now these are just about ready for glazing!  Stay tuned!