Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two of a kind...

At last, the final weathering is complete, and I can start to think about the final assembly.

There are so much going on with these beasts!  Putting together this thing will require some delicate steps, and lots of planning.

If you don't position the arms in just the right way, you have no chance of getting those ammo feeds to hook up.  That's the trap I discovered about these.  It appears that you can put them in all sorts of positions and poses, but things will go sideways in a hurry.

You can see him with his buddy!

Once I get those crazy arms attached, I will get you all the finished pictures!!!

One part of the posse.

Her'e the whole batch of five Close Combat Hired hands!

As always, it's fun to see the group shots start to come together...

The Long Rage Hired hands are finished as well, which is very cool.

The next stage of the Lawmen involves three more Interceptors.

Stay tuned!!!