Saturday, March 2, 2019

Confronting the Warp

While most of the figures I have been painting lately have been brand new Song of Ice and Fire minis, I still work on figures that have a much longer past.  This was certainly the case on the Confrontation minis!

This set goes back a long way... possibly 15-16 years ago.  What is interesting is the idea that in some ways, this style of sculpting did pave the way eventually to the kind of flowing, dynamic poses and sculpts that we see now.

I recall back in the day that Fimo was used a great deal in the sculpting process to create more intricate details that were not very common at the time.

Digital sculpting these days can allow for much more detail, but sometimes that alone is not enough.  It seems to be easier to get a more static looking figure than when you worked with physical materials.  When the priority is the tiny details, and the main pose is not the focus, a stiffer pose can happen.

Anyway, these guys were interesting, even if they were long in the tooth!