Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knock Knock...

Who's there?  A tower!  Another piece painted for video credits and box art.

Each time I paint one of these, I learn a few little tidbits.

This one went faster than previous attempts, partly due to the craft paint that I used, rather than the acrylic paint from tubes and jars.

I was able to use various colors of paint to simulate additional blocks and bricks instead of having to carve them all in one by one.

When I put a few miniatures on the tower, it showed me that I had guessed right on the measurements to make it useful for actual games.

It is tall enough to block any line of sight, but wide enough at the top to allow a fair amount of figures to stand up there.

I keep getting more anxious to use these pieces of terrain in some games!

Look who;s coming to dinner...

Sneaking around the corner...

First of its kind

Well, here's a new kind of miniatures for me.  These are Mercs Miniatures.  I could not tell you the faction, or even what this guy is. :-)

I had done a lot of work on these guys during the White Scars project, and when the snow bases were being made.  I developed a few ways of approaching white, since that is a video I want to make in the future.  

I get asked about white and black so often, I knew I was going to have to get to those.

This particular white is very different from the recent White Scars white, since the snow would influence the overall mini in the same way that the bike bases did.  I needed a warmer white, but not anything yellowish.  The White Scars could have a more neutral/cool white, since the bases were a warmer color (and all the red/yellow markings).