Monday, June 5, 2017

Age of Aquarium

I originally used this Reaper figure as part of a basing class, then for an exercise in working with the Reaper clear paints.  It was well suited to that role, and once more I used it for an experiment...

I have added plastic aquarium plants many times to my bases and dioramas, but they always had a very fake look.  While painting them completely cured that disease, it took a long time, and the leaves had a tendency to move around quite a bit as I did so.

Last year I discovered that painting the leaves with a simple wash of the Vallejo wash colors would be a great solution.  They are a little thicker than most washes, and dry with a very matte finish.  This is ideal for getting rid of the shiny plastic texture, and they really cling to that unprimed material as well!

It settles into all the crevices, and even works with the slightly transparent nature of the plastic material.  I was very surprised to see how this simple solution could have such an amazing effect!

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