Thursday, July 27, 2017

Heavy Armor

This Reaper figure posed a major challenge in figuring out where I might place emphasis on the lights, darks and colors of the metal surfaces.  I had to try and reflect colors where I could, such as the ground and the robe.

The sections of armor were relatively small and broken up, which meant that the usual effects had to be modified to work in these confined spaces.  I had to rely even more on unusual color placements, especially the purples and greens!

I had thought of doing some freehand on the cloak and shield, but it seemed to be wise to take a pass on those areas, and give the viewer a place to rest their eyes!

The armor is not 'gray' in any area at all.  It is various shades of blue, purple, green, tan, and even reddish pink.  That helped to 'force' the viewer to see potentially shiny metal everywhere :-)