Saturday, January 7, 2017

The ruins come to life

While I have posted a number of articles showing how to use the Green Stuff World texture rollers, I don't often show finished miniatures on them!  I suppose I just forget to make special posts and just mention it in passing.

For rebasing my Lizardmen, I chose to utilize the Mayan Ruin texture roller.  This was just a few fragments of the sheets that I baked, but that's all it takes to create a fantastic setting for this Oldblood figure.

Here's a link to the original Mayan Ruins article:

I really enjoyed seeing it with the foliage! That reminds me of something which I hear people having a difficult time with, and that is visualizing how something will look several stages down the line.

When I first saw the rollers... this is how I viewed them!  Realizing that I wanted to paint the aged and worn look on the baked sculpey piece, I knew that the greens of the foliage would provide the primary color interest.  There is just enough texture to these rollers that it only required some wet into wet glazing to achieve that aged appearance.  I did go in with some semi-transparent mid tone color afterwards to sharpen edges and put it in line with some of the grays used on the figure.

Here's a link to the Green Stuff World webstore:

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