Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here's your sign.

Before I started working on the Lawmen, I was wondering if I could use the tree bark and branches to create a Wild West era signpost.

As you can see, it was pretty simple to accomplish that!

A bit of primer...

Nothing fancy with the colors... I just applied a series of tans and grayish greens, working lighter than expected.

I have been loving the gray/green combination... not just on the rock surfaces, but even on the wood itself.

Everything is at its lightest shade, which means it's time for glazing!

The usual suspect from Secret Weapon.

Glazing and tinting continues.

The town of Wappelville!  Or, as Cathy exclaimed for some reason... Wafflemine.  I guess I better get some blueberries and syrup!

You will see my feared Lawmen protecting the Town of Wappleville from all who threaten Order.  Fear them.

Seeing red...

One more set of Red Box Games Marauders.

This one has a slightly different pose and helmet...

The gang as it stands now...

A nice variety of weapons!

Have at it, boys!