Sunday, April 14, 2013

One more time...

OK, the last of the Sci-Fi Vestals!  I will be very interested to see all these gals running around on the army board. :-)  I have a few set places for them to hang out, although the board itself is also designed to be a playable terrain piece.  This is my policy for all the army boards, since so much work goes into them!

Playing the campaign on the Lizardman Temple of Blood army board was a blast, and this thing will be perfect to reprise one of our very first home made scenarios.

It was called "Defend the Factorum".  An 8 turn game that featured hidden anti personnel and ant vehicle mines, deployment zones that changed as each turn progressed, and so on.

What was needed for that was a giant, continuous piece of terrain with all sorts of nooks and crannies for action packed vignettes.  It's also tall enough to be that dominant piece of terrain, as we had for the first two times we did that battle.

Back then (4th edition), we used 3-4 individual pieces of terrain placed together to create the Factorum.  Now we have a massive structure on a 2 x 2 board.  It should be open enough to allow all sorts of crazy combats (even transports to drive or fly inside it), but yet offer some very serious cover.

What I really wanted was to have the possibility of various parts of this piece being a stronghold for both sides at the same time.  Should be fun!!

Death from the skies!

Here is the nearly completed 'duel' between the Character and the Razorwing!

It took a while to get things positioned, made even more difficult by the fact that I wanted to magnetize the character.  He can go on his own base if I ever wanted to play a game with him.

There was a lot of trial and error to get him to aim at the Razorwing, but ultimately I was successful. :-)

I still hope to do some weathering powder stuff on this, as in a bit of scorch marks and such.

As I mentioned in the previous post, this Cyberwolf is from Raging Heroes, who do such incredible work with their figures.

This is going to have a very interesting place of prominence on the display board.  It is very heavily magnetized.  So strong, in fact, that I have to make sure I don't rip the sheet metal away with the base!

I got a bead on it... come on... just one shot!

So, upwards and onwards!!!!  Stay tuned for more. 

You can't run away from me!

OK!  Back to the Sci Fi Blood Vestals.  I am looking forward to getting a few of these onto the Venoms and other transports after Adepticon.  Poses like this one should be great for showing the girls leaping off the transports! :-)

In the meantime, I will just have to enjoy how they look running around on the army board!

By the way, we have some new concept art from Raging Heroes!  These represent the Grunts of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy.  The Kickstarter is closer and closer...