Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ride of the Sabre

Here's another fantastic miniature from Albino Raven miniatures.  There is a wide variety of genres covered in the line... everything from fantasy miniatures to modern era soldiers, as well as larger and smaller scale figures.

Here's a link to the website:

There was certainly a lot of action going on with this figure, and a lot of dramatic lights and darks to enhance that look.  

The base is constructed from tree bark and branches as usual.  I really love how such simple materials can make something so realistic and dramatic!

I had to be sure that the warm tan colors of the sabertooth didn't get lost in all the natural tones of the wooden surfaces, so those were a bit more saturated than those background colors.  The rider was painted with the most blueish-gray tones to make him stand out.  

Once again, an instance of controlling contrast mostly through the brightness or purity of color, instead of basic light vs dark contrasts.

He's also here: