Friday, January 26, 2018

Home On The Range

Here are the finished images of the January Raffle Figure for the Patreon Page.  The figure itself was originally sculpted and cast for a charity event, but it is available for purchase (you can e-mail Dallas at

She was painted in a recent Facebook Live session, almost entirely with oil paints.  Here's a link to that demo:

I have been enjoying the oils so much!  It creates a lot of opportunities for color blends and unusual combinations, since you can mix paints right on the surface of the miniature.  I have taken to calling it "On Site Blending", and it is almost as if the miniature becomes my palette.

As I mentioned before, this is the January Raffle Figure for the Patreon page.  The more support I can generate for the page, the more live sessions that I will be able to do.  I really like them, but is is not very easy to balance them within the normal miniature painting work sessions.

Also, the Patreon funds are invested into the Raffle figures, shipping them out, and securing new supplies and subjects for the live demonstrations.  I always try to do something interesting and different, be that a new technique, material, and so on.

These larger scale figures have offered me an opportunity to finally paint a few.  Nearly everything that I paint has to be able to work in a gaming situation, and this is a very nice change!

The new Green Stuff World grass tufts have been very handy on my Western style figures... and these taller versions were fantastic on a large scale 75mm figure.

With each attempt I do with the oil paints, I find myself doing less and less "post production" work with the acrylic paints.  Once I learned the glazing tricks with the oils as you saw in the live demo, It has gradually eliminated the need to go in after the oils dry with more precise details.

If you would like the chance to win this figure for the January monthly Patreon Raffle, this is the last week to get in your pledge!  Any amount gets you the opportunity to win it, and your support is appreciated!

Here's the link: