Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another trip to Home Depot!

Well, not really.  We did have to go everywhere else, it seems!  My apologies for the delay on the post.  Picking up the new laptop and getting all the polystyrene tubing took a lot longer than I thought.

So, here we have the bases from the Mosaic Tile video.  I love doing these!

In this case, these were done using the painted on method.

I think you guys will have just as much fun!!!

Keep your stick on the ice...

Here's another example of the shaded basecoat in action.

You can see most of the colors that were used spread out all over the palette.

As usual, these colors were made much lighter than they would be in the end.  That's because many layers of glazing awaited!

And here we see some of those glazing colors.  Most were Secret Weapon washes (algae, soft body black, armor wash, dried blood), but there were also some GW washes (the orange and burnt sienna), and a Vallejo sepia...

Even this image really gives you a sense of what those glazes do, even in the first pass.  You will see that I vary my glazing color, usually taking my cue from what color is already on the mini, although sometimes I go the opposite direction.

Each of these subsequent images will show my working my way around the figure.

You have seen me in past posts show how I will wipe away certain parts of my washes, with either my finger or a paper towel.  This helps to preserve many of my lightest shades...

I try to keep working within clearly defined areas, just as I wold with a watercolor painting.  This lets me drag an existing wash into the next area of tinting and shading, so that no crazy edges or water marks occur.

Putting those darker glazes on the 'teeth' really made the glow shine!!

I also worked in some brown liner and some other opaque dark colors into the still wet washes.

Doing so let me get some very nice dark washes that flowed quite nicely.

Here is a new experiment.  I mixed the fallout wash from Secret Weapon with my Vallejo fluorescent paint.  This was to see if it could give me some darker shading in my glowing area, but keep that high chroma feel.

It really did what I wanted, and then some.  I discovered that I could also use this as a way to paint some subtle OSL effects on nearby surfaces.  Normally, I would have to put that in with layers of opaque paint!  Very cool!

I think our treeman is very glad that hockey sticks are made from composite materials now!!
That was amazing.  To go from worry about a game seven, to worrying about overtime, to celebrating a win in mere seconds was incredible.

Many thanks to the Hawks for getting us through so many rough spots in the arena of sports this year!