Thursday, April 11, 2013

The mosaic base gets a mini...

Here's the finished second objective marker.  I added a fun Reaper miniature to the mosaic decorative base.

I have been working on the story of the army, as you know.  What's really fun is that it will allow me to create multi-part campaigns, just like the ones we did for the Lizardmen vs Chaos Demons.

I have painted a few more of the slaves to put on the army board.  Images of the board construction will be posted as soon as possible... stay tuned!!

More jetbike action!

Zoom Zoom!  Back to the jetbikes.

These have been very interesting to paint, for many reasons.  Since I tried so hard to make each one as unique as possible, it has made it a lot harder to establish the usual painting patterns that I would normally develop to paint whole squads such as these.

There are 'double hulls', extra wings, pistols, weapons, etc.  Each one makes it so different from the last!

It has still been fun, though!

Stay tuned for much more!!!

The view from above...

OK!  A few images to show you some different angles of the Raider.