Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painting the giant bases: Part One

Time to paint those big bases!  Just like the other big base with the Iron Warriors theme, I drew out the design after getting a variety of dark, muted colors on the base.

Then I took a larger flat brush, and did some lighter drybrushing of the cork and rock areas, using a more reddish color and something that was more greenish for variety.

I painted some blue/black in the darkest areas of the design, to set up the lighter colors that are coming...

You can see the first layers of light colors to create the marble effect.  I used a #8 round for this part, scumbling and twisting the brush along the way to get the more random patterns.

Adding to the grey (Vallejo Intermediate blue) , I started to enhance the broader veins in the marble, as well as  bit more of the fine veins.  This was all done with the #8 round, as it comes to a very sharp point.

I began to add highlight USMC from Vallejo to that grey mix, both on the marble veins and the logo design.

I continued to enhance the lighter colors on all the patterns, adding more of the USMC highlight and switching to a liner brush to get some sharper and thinner details.

Stay tuned for the finish of painting the marble base!!

Gretchen Von Konigsmark from Raging Heroes

OK!  We have another one of the Konigsberg Sisters from the amazing Raging Heroes line.  This time it's Gretchen Von Konigsmark.

It's always handy to have a Witch Hunter around, especially one as lovely as Gretchen. :-)

Here she is with her sister Hildegarde...