Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let the trumpets sound...

I have really been looking forward to this miniature, since it completes the Drow version of the Vestal Command figures.  I definitely enjoy the darker color scheme of the skin.  It lets me play around much more with some subtle midtones.

All of these have been painted in the same way as the video.  A combination of Shaded Basecoat, glazing and the work in the all important midtones.  There I mixed my glaze colors with regular paint to create those semi-transparent 'light glazes'  Lots of fun working with those!

She is also here:

Wandering back to the Dragon

As most of you already know, there has been a certain project that has kept me imprisoned in the basement for 20 hours a day for many months.  Also, Cathy has her new job, about 3 months in.

This combination of factors has kept us away from one of our favorite places, and that is the Wandering Dragon Shoppe.

The original store was an amazing place, which you can see form my previous posts.  Late this summer, they moved down the street to a larger place to accommodate all the other folks who loved that place just as much.

If it is possible to upgrade this much on amazing, then only Kevin and Laura can pull that off!  Even from the outside, the place is marvelous.  Here is Kevin, hard at work as usual when not running around seeing what people might need.

All of the new space is put to great use.  There were so many new games I had never seen before... and there was room after room of them!

This is one of those rooms.  What's nice is that you feel like you can really take your time to check everything out and never be in someone's way.  Since they are in various rooms, you also feel like you can talk things out without bothering anyone else.

There were more gaming rooms than I could take pictures of!  And they are even more inviting.  You feel like you are playing at someone's house.

Ah, did someone mention miniatures?  And paint, and brushes, and files, and tons of hobby stuff?  Yes indeed!

More rooms for gaming!  Note that binder on top of the vending machine... that comes into play later.  Yes, there are a number of vending machine options.

And then the Main Gallery... still with the TV to keep up to speed on ESPN... and it is still very cool!

There are now multiple shelving units of games to test out now!

And when you don't want to interrupt your game for food, you just check out that binder to find a place to order that food, and have them deliver it.  We enjoyed some pizza with Memoire '44

And one of our last go 'rounds.  A neat system, which appeals to me more than ASL, since there is much more fun visual impact here.  It still had a similar feel, but faster paced.

Many thanks to Rich for hauling me out there, and congratulations to Kevin and Laura for all their amazing work here!!!