Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shattered Earth

Today we have something from a new company.  Massive Awesome has created a number of highly detailed figures for their Shattered Earth universe. 

Once again, the ease of prepping was another key for me.  When you see me trying out new miniature manufacturers on these pages, the appearance alone is not enough.  Not being tortured during said prepping phase is quite important to someone who does this on an industrial scale. ;-)

When you have those precise details, the painting phase gets a lot easier, and more fun.  I can focus more on subtle color transitions, and even rust/freehand effects if I wish.

Each of the Shattered Earth figures that you will see here came with a few different head options.  They were both so nice, it was difficult to choose in each case

This concept art gives you an idea of what some of the other poses will look like.  I thought these color schemes were pretty fun

Time to check out a few renders.  In a future post, I will be showing a combined image of concept art, render, and painted mini.

Here is a link to the facebook page: