Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bear Hug

Here's the latest character from Wild West Exodus.  His name is Avanaco, and he's smarter than your average bear.  Well, maybe not, but he sure packs more firepower than the average bear!!

Just like the rest of the Dark Nation, he uses the dreaded RJ-1027 energy which the enemies of the Warrior Nation have chosen to avoid.  This energy source is powerful, but it also corrupts.

While he can dish out major pain with this gun, he is no slouch when it comes to close combat either.

As usual, the Vallejo fluorescent paints were used to create the glowing effects.  When you have this many elements that are glowing, it can be pretty crazy to figure out where all the OSL should be placed.  There are times where you have to fudge a little, and skip an area here and there.

This was also unusual in that most of the figure was done in muted browns and less in cooler tones.  Normally I try to accentuate my glow colors by having the 'opposite' color temperature, but that is not always possible.

 In this case, I went with the muted vs highly saturated contrast.  Also, I made the fur and skin somewhat darker than if I was not trying to establish that glowing effect.

The Anti-Hero

This interesting and evil looking character is from Gamezone Miniatures

I had a lot of fun with the Dragon Motif!  I got a chance to play around with all manner of red tones.  Some warmer, others cooler and more muted, etc.

I tried to continue the dragon imagery on the base as well!

He's also here: