Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Patch

With the flock in place, it is time for the final stage of the winter terrain pieces for the Tundra mat.  I want to see what happens when I combine these three materials to create the patchy snow, and the snow on the trees.

This is the Tundra mat from TableWar that I am going to match:

The white stucco material is simply used to extend the Snow Texture mix.  I only have so much of it, and I need that for basing as well!  To better match the  color of the snow on the TableWar mat, I mixed in some Badger Stynlrez primer that is blueish gray.

Once I have that mixed thoroughly, I can start applying it to the terrain piece.  The nice thing about this material is that I can pile it up very easily, but also apply it in other ways.

If needed, I can thin it down the simulate lass or melted snow, and by "drybrushing" it over the clump foliage, I will get the same kind of mottled appearance as the mat.

You can see where I have piled it up, and also placed it carefully on the fallen logs.  The drybrushing effect is working quite well on the heavy flock.  This is also another reason why I used that watered down glue mix to adhere it more firmly to the terrain piece!

Before the snow mix has a chance to dry, I will dust some of the Woodland Scenics Snow Flock over the wet paste.  This will hold it in place, and also create a finer grain like snow, as well as a bit more texture.

With that snow flock applied, you can even see some of the granules showing up in the recesses created by the heavy greenish brown flock!

The same mixture is brushed over the trees, but not too much!  This is supposed to be a partially covered snow board after all.  Just as I did on the rest of the terrain piece, I can sprinkle the snow flock on top.

I did the same for the bare trees, making sure to have some snow on each branch.  Now you can really see how all the various elements start to come together.

I will let this one dry, and then repeat the process on the next piece...

There we have it!  A very solid terrain piece that will look great on the mat, has plenty of room for figures to move around, and will match the Tundra mat as well!

Now for the test... here we go!

I was very happy to see how these first few pieces looked with the mat.  I have much more on the way, including frozen ponds and rivers!

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