Friday, February 28, 2014

Play me a tune

The last figures I painted for the unit were the command minis.  Let's get to the Music Man himself... the Pied Piper of Averland.  Is it Chet Baker?

Of course, just as doing the SE-NMM becomes such a routine part of daily life... it is time to set all that aside.  Well, at least chrome.  The Sisters project has a gold/brass version of that technique, which has a whole different set of parameters!

Again, I must emphasize that I probably never used the same jars of paint on any two or three guys.  Kept it simple... sky blue, and off white, and some sort of brown color.

Keeping the essential colors so simple makes your life a lot easier when you are doing a mass project like this chock full of shiny metal!!!

Closer and closer...

Well, the command staff is painted (posts coming over the weekend) and all that remains is to paint the movement tray that I made today.  Then there will be some really fun pictures!!

One last parting shot, as I deal with a squiggly sword.

No more of these!  Yea!  Fortunately, getting everybody to rank up was not quite as hard as I anticipated.