Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Goat Club

This unit of Beastmen is from Mierce Miniatures, and it was painted in a very similar way to another unit which was cast in metal.  I did a multi part series that took the group from primer to finished, starting with this episode:

Then we have episode two, getting into the painting itself:

All of these episodes were supposed to show how the Secret Weapon Weathering paints can be used for 'regular' painting or even weathering ;-)

This part dove into the weathering a bit more:

This post gives you a look at how the figures turned out:

One of the reasons I want to create more "unit painting" videos is to show the process of painting multiple figures in a format that is not broken into smaller pieces as I must do in blog posts.  You can only go around 10-15 images at most, and that usually means I must break things down into 2-4 posts.

People who don't follow this closely enough end up seeing only 1 or 2 episodes, and not always in the order meant to be viewed.

These are the types of videos I am furiously working on right now for the Patreon Page, using the new equipment and following a vast amount of testing.

Stay tuned for much more!