Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The sculpey circle

As I was waiting for various pieces of Sisters of Battle conversions to set up for priming, I went ahead and painted their bases.  Without a doubt, I love painting mt sculpey marble bases.

It's fun to paint other bases as well, but the chance to make these tiny murals is just too much to pass up.

Two of these bases are for Icon Bearers, and one is for a Sister Superior.

As you can tell, I like to make more elaborate bases for higher ranking figures or those with special wargear.  It makes it so much easier for me to spot them during the game.

That's even more important now, with positioning in terms of shooting be so critical!

Writing little sayings and messages on each one is also very fun. :-)

And, of course, they set off the character minis quite nicely!  Lots more where these came from!

The tank of a thousand disguises

Many of you have seen me go raving mad raving about the RAV 6 x 6 from Secret Weapon miniatures.  So much to like about it.  It's an elegant kit that has solid pieces, and very few of them!

The hull has only 4 pieces.  These fit together so well, they practically snap into place.  Very easy to assemble, and you don't have to soak those parts for hours either!  Just glue and paint!!

There are many weapon options that are available, easily interchanged with each other.  Even the hull mounted options are there.

However, given the two armies that I am painting, a few vehicle options were discussed after that test game on Saturday.  These were the Hellhound/Bane Wolf/Devil Dog... and even the Sisters of Battle Immolator!

I had to try out this idea, so out came the razor saw.  I cut away the storage cases on the aft of the turret.  It was very important to get a straight, clean edge.

Here's what I wanted to put in it's place.  I am not quite sure what GW tank bit this is, but it seemed to be just right to store some Prometheum or poison gas!

Fortunately, it was just the right size.  Not too wide, not too tall... excellent.

I used a refrigerator magnet on the back of the turret, while the two replaceable pieces had some sheet metal attached.

It was just strong enough to hold the pieces where I needed them!

Here you can see the sheet metal pieces.

Voila!  Insert the twin linked Heavy flamer (or Chem cannon, etc.), and you have added a host of new vehicles to your Sororitas/Guard armies!!!  As I said, either Immolator or IG flame tank... or more.

Here's a more 'standardized' Chimera load out.  The storage racks attached, and the Multilaser in place.

In this day and age where armies seem to change radically from one codex version to the next, careening wildly from one extreme to the other, flexibility is the key.  All of my armies have been nuked multiple times by these rewrites.  This is one way to stay ahead of that fluctuating curve.

There will be even more fun things added to these vehicles over the next few days, so stay tuned!!

Oh yeah, then they get painted. ;-)