Saturday, October 13, 2018

Into the Wild: Wild Assent

This is one of several interesting minis that I have painted for the upcoming Wild Assent kickstarter campaign which is going to begin on October 16th.

The figures are 1 piece, and very solid, of the board game variety.  I will be posting a number of them here while the campaign is running!

A link to the preview:

Here's a little background on this character:

Gurantev is a defense-heavy healer, able to provide area of effect healing and damage immunity for those under his command. He has high health and respectable physical and magical defense, but it’s important that he doesn’t overextend. Always selfless, Gurantev cannot use Heal Dice on himself, so pushing too deep into enemy ranks could result in his untimely demise. Instead, he should circle the edges of his opponent’s front lines, taunting or stunning big threats to keep them off his weaker allies.

You can visit the website to find out even more!