Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CHIPS... Lawmen style.

So, we have some finished pictures of the Lawmen Interceptor.

These will be a relatively simple set of colors, as I am trying to get them ready for learning the game.  I will get a bit fancier with the Holy Orders and Warrior Nation figs.

Still, I had a lot of fun with this, and the bases have been a real blast!

These views from above give a good sense of how they it interacts with the miniature.

Let's ride!!!

Don't let yourself get rusty

Fun time jars on the palette!  Glazing the DragonForge bases.

A blue/black mix is the order of the day for the deck plating...

Aside from wiping away the glazes in key spots with a dried brush or my fingers, I will keep some extra soft tissue around.  This blots away the excess glaze and even leaves a next texture behind.

You can see the difference just one shot of the glaze can make on the metal parts.

These were some pretty huge areas to cover though, so I had to work very quickly!

I think this shot shows you how much color variety I try to establish as I continue with the glazes.  Not just brown or black.  I have some green in there, some reddish brown, and so on.

This image shows me blotting away some of the edges of the applied glazes with a dried brush.  I can get some interesting lighter and darker transitions in this manner.

I will also use Reaper liner paints in my glazes... especially where I want some very rich, deep darks.  Here I am using a mix of brown and blue liner paints.

That just about does it for glazing and tinting!

Which meant it was time to finish them off with a bit of rust!