Sunday, November 2, 2014

Marble Madness

Yes, more marble.  Like I ever get tired of painting it! ;-)

This is the usual cork and sculpey treatment, with a little twist.

You have already seen the all sculpey bases with the columns...

Flat sculpey baked into sheets and set onto cork.

But this time I added a few statue faces.  I believe from Sci-bor.

Since the Holy Orders faction has been behind the scenes of many of Mankind's ancient civilizations, I thought these classical statues would be very appropriate.

It's a nice little change of pace for painting, that's for sure.

After all the red bases and green bases I have painted for a variety of Inquisition armies, this blue set has been very fun to paint.

Here we see one of the the bases with Mimreg Zain attached.

Stay tuned for much more!!!

Monster Mash... again.

We conclude this Halloween extravaganza with some more beasties!!

A set of Minotaurs from Mierce Miniatures.

This group shot gives you a better sense of the variety between the sculpts.  This allowed me to do some fun variations in the flesh tones.

It was neat that the armor and weaponry had some variations as well.  It certainly kept things from getting mundane or repetitive!

There's still one more, however... a big banner toting bull!

They all have the Eye of Balor in common, however.

Stay tuned for more!