Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intense action at the Royale...

Here are some fun pics that I took using my Mimes of Moria and a Chaos Dwarf team in the Royale Casino, a Blood Bowl stadium I have under construction.

I built grandstands on either side of the field, complete with locker rooms, places for gambling tables, fans, and more!

There were areas for rolling dice, and even a turn track using cards.  The house rule was that whoever had the better "hand" would get an extra re-roll.

I also had a large scoreboard, and even an announcer's booth!  The scoreboard was on the side of the field where the camera is...

Now for some on the field shots!

Pierre gets ready to square off against something that should be braised in a buttery sauce...

The lovely parasol insures a soft landing anywhere on the field!

Beware Le Fanatique!!

Francois stands by to toast with some Chablis...

Look out for the Star Bombardier!

A duel of wizards just before halftime.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my...

Here are some more of those "Mystery Miniatures" that were used for a set of RPG figures.  I have posted some of the other figures from this set before.  Lots of critters in snow!

These bears were particularly unusual, as you just don't see many bear miniatures.

When Cathy and I were working on that miniatures game of ours, one of the races we had thought about was an Ursae race.  Who knows, perhaps someday...

The bears were pretty decent to paint.  Not sure who made, them, though...

This one was particularly unusual, and huge!  I am pretty sure that was a 50mm base.

And then Sabre tooth guy.  We had a faction of female sabre tooths like this one planned.

A view from within: An Imperial Fists land raider

Here are some views from inside a land raider conversion.  While I didn't do all the conversion stuff, it did fall to me to get it all put together and paint it. :-)

Painting the insides of land raiders starts out painful, and gets tougher from there.  It's just the nature of the beast.  The front door section is the worst, since it has to be loose as you work on it.  That means that it's flopping around, and you run the risk of messing up the alignment, so that it won't open when it's all put together in final assembly.

Getting at all the rear engine parts was not easy, either, but at least the other side was not so bad!

Here is the raider after the initial assembly, before final weathering and freehand.

There's a bit of the glow of the lascannons as well.  I was trying to make these different from my usual post Heresy variety, thus the glow...

And now for the final result!