Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is the grass greener...

Here's the second box that I brought back from GenCon, also from GreenBrier Games.

Once again, the game system is called Fairytale Games.

This time we have the Mercenaries.

Just like the previous set, they are all one piece plastic poses.

The Huntsman.  I might go more Vampire Hunter with this.


This is Piper.

Red.  Tempted to go Wood Elf here.

Robin Hood.  Ranger time.

Obviously this is Hook.  Pirate theme no matter what!

The Hatter.  I will try to find some fun references for this.

This is Hua Mulan.  I will put some of my paper foliage on the base.

Stabby Spica

One of the things I spent a great deal of time discussing at the dealers table was my brand new Holy Order of Man posse.  As I mentioned more than once, I am very excited, but also very nervous, as playing them will require a big shift in my normal gaming style.

Unlike the other hired hands,  these Spica have no distinction between close combat and long range.

I will have to learn new ways to take advantage of such flexibility.  Exactly what form that will take, I have no idea! :-)

The new Mimreg Salto was also added to my collection, so I look forward to having those portal options as well!  Stay tuned...