Friday, September 27, 2013

The ghost of bases past...

Here are some images of bases I made ling ago for some terminators (pics coming tomorrow) using some very simple materials.

Nothing terribly fancy.  Just some cork, some bits, some glue, some grass, and some paint.  I have made some bases that are so incredibly complex, I forget at times that even very basic stuff like this can be effective.

I guess I am after very specific themes with my bases, trying to set a story for every army.  Obviously, these are quite generic, all purpose stuff.

Still, basic can still be purty! :-)

Still feeling blue?

Well, exploring through the archives I found a ton of Smurfs!  Just in time for a new codex.

I will start with some command figures, and then move on to some terminators.

I had lots of fun with this base!