Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's winter somewhere...

Even though the temps are supposed to go back into the 90's again for next week, there must be snow around someplace!

If there is, you might find one of these snowy owls from Cool Mini!

As I did with all the other critters, a bit of a portrait to kick things off...

Shaded basecoat was particularly 'active' on this figure.  I was using a beat up brush to jam paint into recesses.  So vigorous that it shook the camera. :-)

More of the initial layers, with some hints at the markings to come.

As you work your way around the wings again and again, it starts to emerge as if you were carving it!

Lots of shape, where there was none before.

To get even more shape, time to glaze!!!

The glazing not only brings out the darker colors, but it tints areas such as the face, and allows you to create more subtle markings...

Such as these on the outer edges of the wings.

Lots of 'final details' and then there were a pair!

Flyin' away...


Bring it on...

One more bike... one more to go!

This time, the leader of the pack.

This was a very nice base, from DragonForge Designs.

Almost there!!!