Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The two sides of Asharah

You recently saw this fantasy version of Asharah, a Raging Heroes character.  You have also heard me mention how this kit is very interchangeable, with several arm and head options.

There's also a very different genre of the same sculpt... a sci-fi version!

This Sci-fi Asharah also has a lot of options.. different weapons, heads, etc.

And now for some side by side images.  The Sci-fi Asharah was the general of my Dark Eldar 40k army.

Some of her leftover pieces went into the conversion of these Incubi:

Here are some of the Blood Vestals that went along with her, also from Raging Heroes:

And then there's the basing!  It's always interesting to see what a difference that makes.

Party Crasher

This is another favorite Reaper figure of mine... one tough gal!

I was able to use some fun color combinations here.  The armor surfaces were originally painted yellowish brown, as if they were going to be gold.  Over this was painted a few layers of semi-opaque lighter colors which featured pink and bright green.  Yes indeed!

Those two colors, when mixed together, create a very interesting gray.

This was done to create color harmony with the skin colors and the base.  However, when you look at it close up, you see a whole host of various colors, none of which are gray.  It's the illusion of gray created by balancing those two crazy colors over that original ochre/brown layer.

Also, the yellow leaves are the color match to those original ochre shades.

She's also here: