Sunday, April 7, 2013

Asharah's full retinue.

Now we have the entire unit of converted Incubi with the Archon Asharah.  As most of you already know, she is a multi part figure from Raging Heroes, with tons of options for heads and wargear.

Some of the unused wargear was used on the other Incubi.

The circukar energy field on Asharah's back gave me the idea for the Blood Star icon that has been painted on many of the vehicles.

Next up are some pictures of the Kabal Warriors... stay tuned!


  1. With all of the time you spend painting your minis, you should consider spending a little more time with the photographs so that they better represent the beautiful paint jobs that you've done. Your white backgrounds are gray which means they are around 2 stops off from the proper exposure - which you could correct for before you shoot or afterwards in your photo editing software.

    1. Actually, the last 2 photos are shot on a different backdrop...